Berti makes the scene at Four Season Hotel Firenze

Berti Pavimenti Legno - Parquet - Four season Firenze - Lobby

Berti Pavimenti Legno - Parquet - Four season Firenze - SuiteBerti Pavimenti Legno - Parquet - Four season Firenze - Affreschi

The Four Season Hotel in Firenze is your best choice for staying in the Tuscan Regional Capital. Starting form today, besides the art masterpieces of the Renaissance in the Palazzo, you can also find excellence parquet like only Berti can do. Placed inside the walls of the biggest private park in Florence, the Hotel is composed by two Renaissance buildings with prestigious historical past: first it has been the urban residence for Lorenzo de’ Medici, then the residence of the Pope, and subsequently a convent and the headquarters for the first Italian railway company. For over than five centuries it has been the residence Florentine nobility and the palace of an Egyptian viceroy. In the centuries-old park, surrounded with the green of the garden and the shadow of the ancient trees, now you can enjoy the sun by the pool, bare feet on Berti Havana Decking Teak.

The use of screw fixing clips allows the boards to compensate the natural parquet settlement. Now the garden can claim an enhanced view, to spread peace and serenity even if you are still right in the city center. Berti Havana is made with planks in Teak heartwood, with an optional width of 95 or 120 mm. It is 19 mm thick, specially studied to bear the strain of high loads stress. Easy to install and of a great aesthetic effect, the Berti Havana planks are installed on specific supporting profiles (wood sleepers). The use of screw fixing clips, fixed joint into the planks, are almost completely hidden, allowing to place the boards in parallel and at a distance between them of few millimetres, this way allowing the flow of the water. The result is a perfect random installation, without screws in sight or any other supporting elements. The planks have a nonslip finishing for specific use places where it is necessary to walk barefoot and totally safe. Besides this, the rounded corners of the boards make the pattering of feet even safer and pleasant.

The pool and the garden have been totally turned around thanks to the choice to lay a wooden floor: Berti Decking undeniable charm suits Four Season’s garden with a new personality. Now you can see how a natural material for a wood flooring can give elegance, and the idea of tidiness and cleanness with no comparison. For this specific project the client has chosen Teak as wood species: that is well known for its outstanding resilience and resistance to wear. Teak main features are a permanent dimensional stability, waterproofness and an enduring beauty. The wood has structural peculiarities such as maximum protection from atmospheric agents, that are improved by the treatment with a specific vegetable oil for external use that nourish and protect the most deep wood structure. When you choose a Berti Decking wood flooring this means to enhance any kind of space: not only for the extreme luxury of a five stars hotel, but also for private residences. Even the small spaces can become an out-and-out oasis of relax and tastefulness.

Here you can see a picture of the working progress after Berti Havana Decking Teak installation.

Berti Pavimenti Legno - Parquet - Four season Firenze - 1

And to follow some picture of the pool before the laying of Berti Decking.

Berti pavimenti legno - parquet - Four Season Firenze - 4Berti pavimenti legno - parquet - Four Season Firenze - 5

Berti pavimenti legno - parquet - Four Season Firenze - 6


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