Elisabeth’s 60 years of Kingdom: celebration in Windsor’s Castle

Elisabetta IIElisabeth II of England on 2nd June celebrates 60 years of her kingdom. She is the second who reaches 60 years of kingdom in the history of English monarchy. It is long time that The Queen Elizabeth was crowned during the great ceremony in the Westminster Abbey, a real Christian Coronation. The Archbishop who celebrated the ceremony was very determined in order to keep the traditional medieval nature to be respected during the ordination. Despite of this, it was the first time that TV was allowed to take part and spread the film of a ritual that has become very important for the contemporary history.

Veduta esterna del Castello di Windsor

After her crowning, Queen Elizabeth and her husband moved to Buckingham Palace, in the centre of London. As many of her ancestors, however, she spends a lot of time in the Castle of Windsor, which is in the West of London and is considered as the real house from all the British monarchs. Queen Elizabeth II often chooses to spend many week-ends of the year at the castle, using it at the same time to arrange both official and private meetings.

Berti had the pleasure to re-build the inlaid wooden floor with inlays and pattern floors of the Westminster’s Castle, respecting the original wooden floor which was destroyed during the terrible fire in November 1992. The laser performances since ever characterize the worldwide prestige of the company Berti, by exploiting the modern design techniques  of Berti technical dept. The company,  apart from being the first to use the laser technology  applied to inlay, is also provided with the most advanced informatic system and with the most modern machines for the production of  inlays. That  allows  Berti  to propose a wide range of solutions and to create many kinds of wooden floor, which represent the personality of people who live in it. These are different fields, but very versatile among them, also for who does not live in a castle as  Elizabeth II.

Crimson Drawing Room: il parquet intarsiato ripristinato da Berti

Particolare del parquet intarsiato presso il Castello di Windsor

In view of the celebrations of Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee, which will culminate in London on 2nd and 5th June 2012, many brands chose to celebrate the English Queen, promoting different initiatives, from jewels collections, that take up the matter of the Crown, to precious liqueurs.

Herebelow, please find  a thank you letter that  Queen Elizabeth wrote to Mr. Giancarlo Berti for the re-building of wooden floor of the Crimson Drawing Room in the Castle of Windsor.

Lettera Ringraziamento Elisabetta II per parquet intarsiato su Crimson Drawing Room


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