The comeback of Terrazzo

The Venetian Terrazzo is making an impressive comeback  started last year that seems to be a long-term trend, not only as a floor but also as a decorative element in the furniture, product design and even in the office supplies! If you like it or not, the imperfect and colorful terrazzo pattern can not be overlooked.

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Berti wooden floors, heirs to an antique art  applied to modern technology, do a tribute to history, tradition and culture of their territory thanks to the new pattern floors collection “Square Space”, with the item Venezia with the following characteristics: with oak and teak wood species, brushed and matt lacquered, 600×600mm, with the possibility of customizing it with resin.



Terrazzo Veneziano is so named because was the typical flooring in the venetian villas and houses of the 15th century. Its origin can trace back to Greek floor and then the Roman brought this technique to Italy. Only during the Renaissance it became popular in Venice.

In the most important venetian villas the decorations more and more creative and artistic, require a long and a hard-working handcraft as a mosaics. At the end of 1800 when innovations make the execution of the terrazzo flooring easier, it also exported to England and even to the United States for the realization of some rooms in the White House.

Hollywood walk of fame made with terrazzo:image Source
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