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We already have introduced the new entry in Vepal range of products, but we have only mentioned the latest in Vepal Colors. Now it’s time to present in detail this brand new pre-finished 3-layers, each one characterized by an exclusive new finishing colouring conceived and created by Vepal.

Vepal Colors parquet flooring represents a particularly suitable choice for design furnishings. Thanks to the finishings that strongly bring back to mind the natural environment where the wood grows, this range of Vepal products allows to create comfortable spaces that spread elegance and comfort.

The product consists of pre-finished 3-layers wide planks with a total thickness of 13.5mm, manufactured with a tongue-and-grove joints on the sides that is ideal both for the glued installation and for the floating one. Each element measures 136 mm in width and a length between 1820 and 2130 mm, and it consists of a fine top wood layer, 3mm thick, a middle layer of fir plywood made of cross layers 7.5mm thick and a hardwood counterbalancing layer 3mm thick.

The range of choices is composed by 6 different finishings whose names are inspired by the most famous european capitols: Ginevra, Madrid, Parigi, Amsterdam, Atene and Dublino. You can find the detailed pictures below. A set of prefinished with a strong international mood.
For all necessary details you can contact our sales department. We leave you with some images of the different finishings.

Vepal Colors parquet 3 strati-ParigiVepal Colors parquet 3 strati-MadridVepal Colors parquet 3 strati-GinevraVepal Colors parquet 3 strati-DublinoVepal Colors parquet 3 strati-AteneVepal Colors parquet 3 strati-Amsterdam

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