How to choose a parquet

The varied world of hardwood floors offers numerous solutions. However, it is not always easy to choose the “right” one. To get a clear idea of which parquet floor to choose and to be satisfied with the end result, follow … Continue reading

Parquet and future perspectives: AIPi Event

On friday 12th of November Berti Wooden Floor hosted the first event after a long time of inactivity due to the pandemic: “New opportunities and a new vision of professional future” organized by AIPI. The intention of this event, respecting … Continue reading

Types of parquet: how to recognise a quality hardwood floor.

Real parquet flooring gives any room an extra touch. But it’s all about wood quality. Here’s what to look for Pre-finished oak parquet Essential Neutro Not all woods make a parquet A quality parquet is a matter of species (that … Continue reading

Stop the proliferation of germs! Protect yourself from the invisible enemy. For ever.

You may wish to have an sanitezed parquet floor and “Made in Italy. Berti Wooden floors allows you to choose surfaces of high aesthetic quality without compromising hygiene and the environmental issues. Silver Proector: the topcoat becomes a sanitizing barrier.  … Continue reading

The Made in Italy Stays home

The current economic and social situation, due to the extraordinary historical moment we find ourselves living in, is threatening the Northern Italy and also the most developed and productive area of Northern Italy called “industrial triangle”. Our region Veneto is  … Continue reading