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In Palermo, an apartment of 140 with minimal style. “Park House” is a sartorial renovation project with a sophisticated atmosphere characterized by an important brightness and natural colors of wood.

Essential oak wooden floor

From the beige of the wooden floors to the earthy nuances of the other complements, the neutral palette is the key to an elegant and soft atmosphere. So, in this renovation of an apartment on the upper floors of a building of the 70s, overlooking the Parco della Favorita in Palermo, the Didea Studio has intervened by welcoming the need and desire of the client: create a minimal space in harmony with the surrounding nature.

The wooden floor is the great protagonist. Chosen in the most genuine version, the light oak Naturalizzato from the Essential collection is a pre-finished brushed parquet with a matte finish. The matte parquet brings out all the naturalness of the wood by reflecting the light in a diffused way and without mirror effect; the wood brushing enhances the parquet texture for a sophisticated and enveloping final result. Thus, parquets with light and soft colors and visible and tactile wood grains, are ideal for a minimalist style. 

Parquet furniture

Wood for indoor floors has always been one of nature’s best materials. The wooden planks are unique to make your home comfortable, warm and elegant. In addition, parquet has important benefits: from beauty to comfort, through easy maintenance to the sustainability of the raw material.
For this reason, the project “House on the park” boasts a rich presence of parquet and wood, in harmony with the panoramic view of the expanse as far as the eye of the green and the disruptive presence of Monte Pellegrino. A renovation project with a simple and minimal taste, with attention to the craftsmanship of the details and a careful selection of luxurious materials, precious and with natural finishes for warm and welcoming environments, marked by clean and rational lines, in balance with warm and soft tones.

Renovation and flooring: the benefits of parquet

In renovation, the parquet still impresses with its warmth, its scent, and its visual beauty. Here are some of the reasons that were decisive for the floor selection in this restyling project:

  1. Wood strength and resistance. Choosing a parquet floor is a long-term choice. Whether it is walnut, teak or oak, modern finishing techniques make the wooden floors resistant.
  2. Thermal and sound insulation. Wood is a material by nature sound-absorbing and therefore attenuates noise, improves thermal efficiency, regulates air humidity, and prevents the accumulation of electrostatic charges.
  3. Underfloor heating and parquet. Wood is a living material with excellent insulating properties. The direct contact with the radiant panels allows a uniform distribution of heat, guaranteeing energy savings and promoting a sensation of bare foot heat.
  4. Barefooting. Barefoot on the parquet to enjoy the psychophysical benefits. According to a study by the University of California Irvine, walking barefoot positively affects posture and sleep quality. The different surface treatments, such as scraping or wood brushing, provide a deep feeling of relaxation.
  5. Parquet cleaning. Contrary to what you may think, choosing a wooden floor is a fast and convenient solution: it is hypoallergenic, does not retain dust and does not produce any! In this article we explain how to keep the parquet always new.

Each project has a parquet floor

If you are renovating a home, you will know that the choice of floors is the most important moment as it defines the spaces that determine the style of the home. Berti offers parquet solutions suitable for every need and environment, discover them on our website: or contact us to know the nearest dealer:

Parquet Oak Naturalizzato 
Essential wooden floor collection

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