BertiStudio new product: Avantgarde Oak Natural Effect

Berti parquet prefinito - BertiStudio Avantgarde Rovere Naturalizzato

Oak Natural Effect has always been one of the Berti’s best seller for BertiStudio Exclusive. We have decided to realize a photo session where this finishing takes the spotlight. These are Berti’s 2-layer engineered wide planks, 100% made and finished in Italy: a first-rate choice so you’re guaranteed a product made and finished entirely in Italy. All BertiStudio products are finished with natural colour pigments that bring out the wood’s grain. The result is a close up on finishes that brings out all the distinctive features of wooden floors. In this particular case the Oak Natural Effect is slightly brushed on the Oak hardwood top layer that is 4.5mm thick, supported by a multilayers birch plywood, 8,6mm, composed by a particular structure with 7 criss-layers, which guarantees the maximum product stability.

The result fits a variety of settings: starting from a country-style to a more up-to-date taste, for a product that is able to stand comparison and a guarantee of a product that lasts over time combined to a resistance without precedent. All BertiStudio planks are the product of the industrial processing, based on technical innovation and changes developed in our industrial plant. You can give a quick look at the video that introduces the new varnishing line.

In this article we present a gallery of backstage photos made during the photo shoot. You can find all the photos oh the dedicated set published on our Flickr account.

Ask for a quotation right now for the Avantgarde Oak Natural Effect on website: we’ll reply within 24 hours to give you all the information and the prices that you need. Our design, our quality, your Berti’s wood flooring.

Berti Pavimenti Legno - Parquet - BertiStudio Rovere Naturalizzato_2
Berti Pavimenti Legno - Parquet - BertiStudio Rovere Naturalizzato_3
Berti Pavimenti Legno - Parquet - BertiStudio Rovere Naturalizzato_4
Berti Pavimenti Legno - Parquet - BertiStudio Rovere Naturalizzato_5

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