Updating BertiStudio collection: Color your soul, color your floor!

The new BertiStudio finishings are finally ready.

The range of the products is reinventing itself, with new finishes that can’t be missed. We want to meet consumers and customers tastes.

According to the market trend, both in fashion and in furnishings, BertiStudio parquet range is moving towards a color variety that mixes the shades of dust, of shadows and chiaroscuro. The general mood is natural and neutral, sometimes with an emphasis on warm colors and other times with a stress on cold colors.

Starting form here we organized an a advertising campaign taking inspiration from the clown figure. What can be the best character to represent the idea of color, which has always been the leading inspiration in Berti Studio? The new claim is: “Color your soul, color your floor!”, inspired by this concept.  The essence of being a clown is the way you face the world, through a mask made of colors.

The real nature of a clown is the ability to laugh it off, to make people smile, not to have a bias, to take the risk. The real nature of a clown is discovering curiosity, being ironic and playing with colors. Let’s knock out of the way the stereotypes so we can start to make new experiences, because the colors of the rainbow are hidden in the daze and confusion.

You can find in the pictures below the photo shoot born from these thoughts. The set has been created with the new finishings, in Warehouse 13, Berti’s new photo studio.

Backstage Color your floor_1


Backstage Color your floor_2



Backstage Color your floor_Giulio's dressing up

Follow Berti’s Facebook page: you can find previews and anticipations of the first photos from the “Color your soul, color your floor!” advertising campaign.

Wht don’t you let us know what you think about it? Stay tuned!


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