Great experience for Berti with Diesel Living at Domotex in Hannover

Berti had a highly satisfying experience at the recently concluded Domotex Fair in Hannover. Berti was present with its parquet at the important German Fair dedicated exclusively to flooring: four very intense days full of interested visitors and professionals, for a total of more than 40,000 attendees coming from 89 different nations, while there were 1409 exhibitors representing 60 countries.

“Thanks to the high number of exhibitors, the rich range of innovations and the unique international character it can boast, DOMOTEX has strengthened its leading presence in the global market of the flooring industry and is a showcase for novelty. The exhibitors particularly appreciated the high quality of its visitors, who were enthusiastic about the unique variety the Fair had to offer”, said Andreas Gruchow of the Deutsche Messe Board of Directors at the close of the fair. “Innovations@DOMOTEX and the new initiative Young Designer Trendtable were especially important moments for comparison and inspiration, and reiterated the importance DOMOTEX gives to innovation”.


Berti was present alongside its special partner Diesel Living to present the new items in its Collection 2017, with products geared towards innovation and originality, meeting its objective of standing out against other competing brands.

Its special location within the event (booth 7) additionally helped to bring out the peculiarities of the new productions, which have already been much appreciated by a good part of the public that was able to see them first hand.

Thus continues  Berti Pavimenti Legno’s positive trend of consolidation and growth, also on the international market, evermore confirming the winning choice to partner with the Diesel Living line: a partnership which will mark its two year anniversary in April of this year.

Berti was also present with its innovative inlays, produced with the aid of sophisticated laser technology that our company has been using with a pioneering spirit since the 80s, and has allowed us to create unparalleled works of art over time.

We received a very strong and extremely positive response also on this front, and the public was enthusiastic about the tiles on display which demonstrated our ability to process multiple materials together, such as wood and resin. Two of these tiles reproduced drawings made for the National Theatre of Baku, while the central inlay depicted a drawing made for a Kremlin hall with a particular aged finish.

Here you can also see the interview Matteo Berti gave to Professional Parquet, precisely during Domotex 2017.



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