Stop the proliferation of germs! Protect yourself from the invisible enemy. For ever.

You may wish to have an sanitezed parquet floor and “Made in Italy.

Berti Wooden floors allows you to choose surfaces of high aesthetic quality without compromising hygiene and the environmental issues.


Silver Proector: the topcoat becomes a sanitizing barrier. 

Silver Protector is a formidable barrier with an extraordinary sanitizing ability. Thanks to the silver ions present in this invisibile water-based topcoat the wooden floor will be protected over time.
More specifically, when the bacterial population is exposed to silver ions, it is reduced by 99,9% in just 24 hours, as proved by tests carried out by the Catas laboratory, according to the restrictive standards JIS Z 2801:2006.
How Silver Protector acts:

  1. The silver ions penetrate into the membrane of the microbe;
  2. they suffocate the breathing of the microbe;
  3. they attack the microbe DNA to prevent its reproduction.


Ideal product for hygiene-sensitive areas over time.

Thanks to its capability of micro-biologically shielding wood, the powerful sanitizing characteristics of Silver Protector additives resist over time. As a matter of fact, due to their mineral nature, the silver ions maintain their condition unaltered since they cannot evaporate. These micro-particles cannot be removed cleaning the wooden floor.
Ideal for environments with high hygiene standards such as dental clinics, restaurants, bakeries, swimming pools, saunas, children bedrooms, restrooms, etc. Silver Protector do not alter the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the extended Berti’s product and can be applied on the whole collection.

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Fun facts. Silver against bacteria  an ancient history.

The technology Silver Protector has deep roots. Ancient civilizations, though unaware of the chemical principles at the base of the phenomenon, made wide use of silver for maintenance, purification and treatment purposes.
The Egyptians used silver containers to store water; the Phoenicians transported vinegar and wine in silver vases. It was a common practice of the Romans to cure skin ulcers by applying silver objects. Starting with 1300, the Catholic Church imposed the use of silver chalices and basins in the Eucharistic liturgy to ward off the spread of illnesses amongst priests and followers.
Today, the research and technology allow to channel this ancient powerful principle that cater to the more modern requirements of environments sensitive to hygiene standards.


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